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Welcome to the most exclusive music network in the world. Democharts connects undiscovered talent with industry experts worldwide.

Are you an artist whose music is ready for the next level?
Democharts allows you to easily share your unreleased music with industry experts, providing valuable feedback and potential record deals. Make your dream a reality.

Are you an industry expert looking for undiscovered talent and chart-breaking hits?
Simple, quick & streamlined: Democharts gives you access to the most promising talent of our time before anyone else. With specially designed rating & filtering systems we help you find the perfect fit in sixty seconds.

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How does it work?
Democharts allows you to easily share your unreleased music with industry experts, providing you with valuable feedback and potential record deals. Whether you’re a solo artist, performer or band, we give you the tools to make your dream a reality.

Why Join?
Tired of sending your music to record labels and managers without a response? That’s where we come in. Democharts connects you with industry experts, guaranteeing at least 10 ratings on every single you upload, opening the door for you to collaborate with industry experts around the globe. Democharts allows you to check your ratings, playtime, as well as track your performance. Songs with an outstanding rating are featured on unreleased chart lists, can win festival slots, promotional deals, equipment, and much more.

Who are the industry experts on the site?
Industry experts can be anyone from managers, booking agents, label owners, those working at radio stations, music magazines, or even those studying music production and management at a high level. All of the industry experts on the site have been verified by our team, so you can rest assured that only those qualified are providing you feedback.

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How does it work?
With specially designed rating and filtering systems, we help you find the perfect fit in sixty seconds. It costs artists to upload on our platform, which means only those serious and willing to invest in their work are featured—this keeps our platform clean and filled with quality talent. Not only that, you’ll also have access to industry expert rated chart-lists and personalized recommendation lists, which makes your job a whole lot easier.

Why Join?
Whether you’re looking to discover new talent, scouting support bands for an upcoming tour, or wish to find artists to collaborate with on a specific project, Democharts is your solution. With our easy-to-use platform, you gain direct access to unreleased music from promising talent before anyone else. To sweeten the deal, we’ve decided to make Democharts completely free for industry experts worldwide.

What kinds of artists are featured on the site?
Democharts features various kinds of artists, including: singer songwriters, solo performers, bedroom producers, newcomers and bands. Everything they upload is completely new to the market and unreleased.

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